Renaissance Of YOU!

By Kim Donaldson
on September 29, 2021
Renaissance Of YOU!

    Co- evolution is the process of describing who You are                  beyond physical appearances. Partnering up with the deeper, truer energetic aspects of You. In so  doing you quickly realize your true worth & value in this world & how uniquely perfect you are by divine design, just as you are . Renaissance of You ~ Infinite energy in motion consciously expressed & experienced through physical organic life in perfect coherence, co creating through the unified field of love. This is You remembering now~ 


Epic Evolution

By Kim Donaldson
on March 10, 2021
Epic Evolution

Epic Evolution of Earth & her people waking Up!

We are in a time of great changes in the world. We are going through a period of transition from what was before to what will be the beginning of a new age on the Earth. The future is quite bright and the greatest transition that we have seen in our present civilization is happening Now! First we must all go through this period of turbulent change during which the old will pass away and the new will be born. With all foundations set in Integrity Unity Equality Transparency. When the power of Love is greater than the Love of power the world will know Peace. The age of Heaven on Earth. We have already experienced the first buildup of pressures in the world and the resulting changes not only in the collective consciousness, but in our own personal lives. So how can we transition from here to there IN the best way possible AND with the least suffering?                              Co-evolution is the process of describing who you are beyond physical appearance. This allows you to then become this.                  Kimaya is redefining who you have believed yourself to be! Pioneering consciousness, through presence through awareness.       Focus in the presence to make a better future, having learnt from the past. . .Self Realization is the journey of each individual experiencing the truth of who You are.                                                                        Embrace change & explore how much Joy you can embody through Being authentically You!

Knowing more of yourself adds Great Value & Worth to your Well Being.

By Kim Donaldson
on March 17, 2020
Knowing more of yourself adds Great Value & Worth to your Well Being.

The benefits & Value of having a Consultation with Kimaya ~                                                                              Also go to testimonials ~

Cultivating a loving relationship with yourself, ripples through to all of your relationships. (As you reunite with your Higher self, Soul aspects, True nature, your inner technology switches on & you experience inner peace, a new sense of wholeness within) Know thy self, through coherence with all aspects of self. You will gain a Greater understanding of self, beyond personality, physicality. Kimaya has the ability to create coherence with your true  nature through soul integration & awareness(includes innate gifts & abilities of aspects of the self ready to be known & shown, enhancing your life in all area's. This brings Great value to every aspect of your life, your health is enhanced. (typically during consultation anything holding you back from your happiness/Wholeness is cleared up), integration with your higherself gently takes place. Perfectly aligned & designed for each unique person where ever you may be consciously. Be prepared to be reunited with a deeply lovingly wise & supportive part of yourself, through heart, soul, mind integration/coherence. Is to know thy self. Is to live with greater peace presence awareness, contentment & purpose, on purpose .                                                                                                     Integrity through unity with all aspects of the self.          


Love Is Your Super Power!

By Kim Donaldson
on February 14, 2020

Our true nature, true state is Love. I invite you to fall In~love with yourself. Pay extra attention to you, to all that you think say & do. Honestly, intimately know yourself. I can Promise you, that there is much of you to love, waiting & wanting to be loved, rediscovered, embraced expressed & experienced, free from all limiting, restricting beliefs, constraints,ideas & ideals. Making Love your priority has been Lovingly developed to bring you home to You. Kimaya got together with some Angels she knows well & together this extraordinary book we sowed/ was birthed. “Enjoy getting to know you, pure & true.” They call it Your personal Love directory, where your focus goes on what so ever page Angels Love, support & guidance flows in to & through YOU! Heart & Soul. But hey! Don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself from here, now.  The Value of Knowing who You truly are. Well Being!   Inner Peace, Fulfillment, living with purpose on purpose, Great Health Wealth Happiness!!! Clarity & Clear communications with self & all others. Knowing the Value that You add/bring to the world by investing in knowing more of who you are & living from this infinite state. Love is Your Super Power!

BEE Conscious! BEE Aware! BEE Healthy!

By Kim Donaldson
on October 04, 2019
BEE Conscious! BEE Aware! BEE Healthy!

How We live, What we consume, effects our food, insects, animals, Planet.

Take back your health, Your Well Being ~ Bee Aware!

Bee responsible with foods (No spray, no poisons or plastics). Mother nature has a remedy for every aliment.

Bee Conscious!

Bee's are the only living being that is not a carrier of any type of pathogen, fungus, virus or bacterium. 70% to 100% foods are inverted in favour by Bee's. Also the pollination through Bee's allows the plant to reproduce of which millions of animals feed. Without Bee's flauna would soon disappear, Honey produced by Bee's not only serves as food but also provides endless benefits to our health & Well`being.

If Bee's disappear humans would have 4 years to live, according to a quote attributed by Albert Einstein~

Happy New You!

By Kim Donaldson
on July 05, 2019
Happy New You!

                            Kimaya ~Assisting You To Shine!

Living Love~ Healthy, Free, Authenticly, Abundantly, Prosperously



Akashic Records & Our Multidimensional nature

By Kim Donaldson
on June 05, 2019

Valentines Month Special!

By Kim Donaldson
on February 09, 2019
Embody self Love awareness, deepens/strengthens all your relationships

Treat Everyday as Valentines Day!

Love Love & Love some more . . .everyday in everyway!

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Next Level Self Love Care & Awareness

By Kim Donaldson
on August 14, 2018

A Celebration of our diverse Uniqueness.

Learn to greet yourself with a New level of respect & to honour your Uniqueness,

your commitment to this life.

Next Level offerings; ReturnTo Love Skype session

Transcending All out dated limiting beliefs/conditionings/patterns

Lovingly recalibrating you to your true infinite nature, gifts, potentials.

Or Cultivating Love Special option for a 1 month intensive, involving 4 weekly tune Up sessions. A discovery call will determine what would be best suited to You.

Click on Cultivating Love Consultation page & Let the loving begin.


The Perfect Balancing Act | Cultivating Loving Relationships

By Kim Donaldson
on February 08, 2018
Very Special Offer 50% off

Learn to Greet yourself with a New level of Respect & to Honour Your Commitment to this Life, To Yourself, To knowing Yourself.
Well Being ~ Happiness ~ Health ~ Harmony & Flow ~ Abundance ~ Rich True Relationships with self & All others
Discovery Call option, $30- This allows you the opportunity to discuss your situation & to give your desired outcome. From this Kimaya will determined what will be best suited for You.
All Therapy is tailored To Your individual needs & requirements.
Intensive Month Session Usual price of $600- is now $300- AWESOME! Also with option to pay as you go!
Cultivating Love Intensive ~ Harp & Soul One To One Once a week on Skype ( Important :3rd week integrate & recalibrate in preparation for week 4 Intensive)
This is Very high calibre / Life changing energy, know that you will be perfectly supported all the way . . .
Single Intensive is also available at special $110- / usually $220
(This can be well suited for Yourself or for your child, also works well together, depending on your particular circumstances) Contact Kimaya to book.

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    All the Flavours of Love - E book & Hard Cover
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