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By Kim Donaldson
on June 05, 2019
HAPPY News Blog

Valentines Month Special!

By Kim Donaldson
on February 09, 2019
Embody self Love awareness, deepens/strengthens all your relationships

Treat Everyday as Valentines Day!

Love Love & Love some more . . .everyday in everyway!

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Next Level Self Love Care & Awareness

By Kim Donaldson
on August 14, 2018

A Celebration of our diverse Uniqueness.

Learn to greet yourself with a New level of respect & to honour your Uniqueness,

your commitment to this life.

Next Level offerings; ReturnTo Love Skype session

Transcending All out dated limiting beliefs/conditionings/patterns

Lovingly recalibrating you to your true infinite nature, gifts, potentials.

Or Cultivating Love Special option for a 1 month intensive, involving 4 weekly tune Up sessions. A discovery call will determine what would be best suited to You.

Click on Cultivating Love Consultation page & Let the loving begin.


The Perfect Balancing Act | Cultivating Loving Relationships

By Kim Donaldson
on February 08, 2018
Very Special Offer 50% off

Learn to Greet yourself with a New level of Respect & to Honour Your Commitment to this Life, To Yourself, To knowing Yourself.
Well Being ~ Happiness ~ Health ~ Harmony & Flow ~ Abundance ~ Rich True Relationships with self & All others
Discovery Call option, $30- This allows you the opportunity to discuss your situation & to give your desired outcome. From this Kimaya will determined what will be best suited for You.
All Therapy is tailored To Your individual needs & requirements.
Intensive Month Session Usual price of $600- is now $300- AWESOME! Also with option to pay as you go!
Cultivating Love Intensive ~ Harp & Soul One To One Once a week on Skype ( Important :3rd week integrate & recalibrate in preparation for week 4 Intensive)
This is Very high calibre / Life changing energy, know that you will be perfectly supported all the way . . .
Single Intensive is also available at special $110- / usually $220
(This can be well suited for Yourself or for your child, also works well together, depending on your particular circumstances) Contact Kimaya to book.

Watch All the Flavours of Love by Storytime Pup

By Kim Donaldson
on January 17, 2017

Thank You!

By Kim Donaldson
on December 06, 2016

Big Thanks & Gratitude To 2 local families for Kindly gifting/sponsoring Kimaya therapeutic books to children in TGA Hospital this Christmas.  AWESOME!

Also To Jude from Bethlehem Health & Tea shop for Lovingly gifting to the first 10 born at Bethlehem Birthing Centre this Christmas.

This will get them off to a Beautiful nurturing start in life.

Kimaya - Self Love Care Awareness Specialist

By Kim Donaldson
on July 26, 2016

Heart & Soul communications Angelic Support, Loving Guidance Speaking directly to You! Specialized for Children of All Ages including the Child Within Us All . . .

Kimaya has magicaly encoded her books with highest levels of love with complete support & divine guidance from her Angelic team of Messenger Angels of which Kimaya is one.

Also as a multi sensory intuitive with the beautiful ability to reflect to people their divine self, drawing their divine future into their now awareness of highest possibilities & potentials.

Healing/Wholing; mind, body, soul throughout all timelines. Aligning you with your divine nature.

How this works ~ who ever is holding Kimaya Love books or reading Kimaya e-books  Access this extraodinary Love vibration where by Messenger Angels engage with the individuals heart & soul able to divinely guide, heal, clear/ transmute according to what is highest good in the moment for the individual.

No matter how unconscious/ deep into soul sleep people might be, the high Love vibration of these books backed with Messenger Angels presense is felt by All. Each book, positively powerful to have in any room as they emulate such Love. People place them under their pillows & state their intentions prior to falling asleep.

Kimaya's ; All The Flavors Of  Love is designed for children as young as two, yet it absolutely speaks to the child with us all. It is so delight~ filled, uplifting us on all levels instantly shifting us into love, while the images & words remind us of the many flavours of love in through & around us every moment of everyday.

Making Love Your Priority Lovingly opens the reader up & into the truth of who they are always in perfect alignment with that individuals highest good & potentials at the time.


Star Ship Hospital have expressed Great Gratitude to the Ellis Family from Te Puke.

By Kim Donaldson
on March 06, 2015

Star Ship Hospital have expressed Great Gratitude to the Ellis Family from Te Puke, for your generous sponsorship of Kimaya therapeutic books to the children & their families.

Kimaya wishes to kindly Thank the Eliis Family from Te Puke NZ, for their heartfelt generosity, sponsoring Kimaya books to the children & their families in Star Ship Hospital.


Self Love & Care

By Kim Donaldson
on February 02, 2015

Unleash your Love, with yourself first ...
Bringing your Love & more Love into the world ...

Kindness and Good Will this Christmas

By Kim Donaldson
on December 15, 2014

The Sok family who purchased Kimaya's All The flavours Of Love for their own children back in 2012 ,(pictured Kim & Maya with Kimaya’s Book), have kindly, very generously sponsored 120 Kimaya Books to the Children of Star Ship Hospital this Christmas.

Gratitude & Enormous Appreciation to the Sok family for the healing comfort & support that these books will bring to the children of Star Ship hospital & their families.

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