Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm wanting to tell you about my mother Kim Donaldson (Kimaya). She is an Author, she writes about personal growth, self esteem, well being, getting people in-touch with themselves, their purpose and potentials with books for adults all the way to young children.

Now being her son I have always thought... Lame! and being in the NZ Army I have all ways thought that this sort of thing would never be my cup of tea. However one day I was sitting in the car, and one of mums books where laying there , I just opened on to a random page and started reading.


I remember thinking how true and poetic it was, the feelings that came with it and.. how did mum write this!?  I now use her words every so often wanting a pick up or in need of inspiration. Its not just me though I recommended "Medicine in Motion" to a mate who was suffering from depression. he still goes on about how much the words in the pages have helped him on his journey.

Her self published books are a true inspiration and so is Kim, her determination to get the world to see what magic there is around us is relentless and energizing. I am truly grateful to have her in my life . Thanks very much! If you want more info, or your own books to mentor & coach you, visit www.kimaya.co.nz.

Cheers, Jacob.