BEE Conscious! BEE Aware! BEE Healthy!

How We live, What we consume, effects our food, insects, animals, Planet.

Take back your health, Your Well Being ~ Bee Aware!

Bee responsible with foods (No spray, no poisons or plastics). Mother nature has a remedy for every aliment.

Bee Conscious!

Bee's are the only living being that is not a carrier of any type of pathogen, fungus, virus or bacterium. 70% to 100% foods are inverted in favour by Bee's. Also the pollination through Bee's allows the plant to reproduce of which millions of animals feed. Without Bee's flauna would soon disappear, Honey produced by Bee's not only serves as food but also provides endless benefits to our health & Well`being.

If Bee's disappear humans would have 4 years to live, according to a quote attributed by Albert Einstein~