Knowing more of yourself adds Great Value & Worth to your Well Being.

The benefits & Value of having a Consultation with Kimaya ~                                                                              Also go to testimonials ~

Cultivating a loving relationship with yourself, ripples through to all of your relationships. (As you reunite with your Higher self, Soul aspects, True nature, your inner technology switches on & you experience inner peace, a new sense of wholeness within) Know thy self, through coherence with all aspects of self. You will gain a Greater understanding of self, beyond personality, physicality. Kimaya has the ability to create coherence with your true  nature through soul integration & awareness(includes innate gifts & abilities of aspects of the self ready to be known & shown, enhancing your life in all area's. This brings Great value to every aspect of your life, your health is enhanced. (typically during consultation anything holding you back from your happiness/Wholeness is cleared up), integration with your higherself gently takes place. Perfectly aligned & designed for each unique person where ever you may be consciously. Be prepared to be reunited with a deeply lovingly wise & supportive part of yourself, through heart, soul, mind integration/coherence. Is to know thy self. Is to live with greater peace presence awareness, contentment & purpose, on purpose .                                                                                                     Integrity through unity with all aspects of the self.