Our true nature, true state is Love. I invite you to fall In~love with yourself. Pay extra attention to you, to all that you think say & do. Honestly, intimately know yourself. I can Promise you, that there is much of you to love, waiting & wanting to be loved, rediscovered, embraced expressed & experienced, free from all limiting, restricting beliefs, constraints,ideas & ideals. Making Love your priority has been Lovingly developed to bring you home to You. Kimaya got together with some Angels she knows well & together this extraordinary book we sowed/ was birthed. “Enjoy getting to know you, pure & true.” They call it Your personal Love directory, where your focus goes on what so ever page Angels Love, support & guidance flows in to & through YOU! Heart & Soul. But hey! Don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself from here, now.  The Value of Knowing who You truly are. Well Being!   Inner Peace, Fulfillment, living with purpose on purpose, Great Health Wealth Happiness!!! Clarity & Clear communications with self & all others. Knowing the Value that You add/bring to the world by investing in knowing more of who you are & living from this infinite state. Love is Your Super Power!