Epic Evolution

By Kim Donaldson
on March 10, 2021
Epic Evolution

Epic Evolution of Earth & her people waking Up!

We are in a time of great changes in the world. We are going through a period of transition from what was before to what will be the beginning of a new age on the Earth. The future is quite bright and the greatest transition that we have seen in our present civilization is happening Now! First we must all go through this period of turbulent change during which the old will pass away and the new will be born. With all foundations set in Integrity Unity Equality Transparency. When the power of Love is greater than the Love of power the world will know Peace. The age of Heaven on Earth. We have already experienced the first buildup of pressures in the world and the resulting changes not only in the collective consciousness, but in our own personal lives. So how can we transition from here to there IN the best way possible AND with the least suffering?                              Co-evolution is the process of describing who you are beyond physical appearance. This allows you to then become this.                  Kimaya is redefining who you have believed yourself to be! Pioneering consciousness, through presence through awareness.       Focus in the presence to make a better future, having learnt from the past. . .Self Realization is the journey of each individual experiencing the truth of who You are.                                                                        Embrace change & explore how much Joy you can embody through Being authentically You!

Kimaya - Self Love Care Awareness Specialist

By Kim Donaldson
on July 26, 2016

Heart & Soul communications Angelic Support, Loving Guidance Speaking directly to You! Specialized for Children of All Ages including the Child Within Us All . . .

Kimaya has magicaly encoded her books with highest levels of love with complete support & divine guidance from her Angelic team of Messenger Angels of which Kimaya is one.

Also as a multi sensory intuitive with the beautiful ability to reflect to people their divine self, drawing their divine future into their now awareness of highest possibilities & potentials.

Healing/Wholing; mind, body, soul throughout all timelines. Aligning you with your divine nature.

How this works ~ who ever is holding Kimaya Love books or reading Kimaya e-books  Access this extraodinary Love vibration where by Messenger Angels engage with the individuals heart & soul able to divinely guide, heal, clear/ transmute according to what is highest good in the moment for the individual.

No matter how unconscious/ deep into soul sleep people might be, the high Love vibration of these books backed with Messenger Angels presense is felt by All. Each book, positively powerful to have in any room as they emulate such Love. People place them under their pillows & state their intentions prior to falling asleep.

Kimaya's ; All The Flavors Of  Love is designed for children as young as two, yet it absolutely speaks to the child with us all. It is so delight~ filled, uplifting us on all levels instantly shifting us into love, while the images & words remind us of the many flavours of love in through & around us every moment of everyday.

Making Love Your Priority Lovingly opens the reader up & into the truth of who they are always in perfect alignment with that individuals highest good & potentials at the time.


Star Ship Hospital have expressed Great Gratitude to the Ellis Family from Te Puke.

By Kim Donaldson
on March 06, 2015

Star Ship Hospital have expressed Great Gratitude to the Ellis Family from Te Puke, for your generous sponsorship of Kimaya therapeutic books to the children & their families.

Kimaya wishes to kindly Thank the Eliis Family from Te Puke NZ, for their heartfelt generosity, sponsoring Kimaya books to the children & their families in Star Ship Hospital.


Self Love & Care

By Kim Donaldson
on February 02, 2015

Unleash your Love, with yourself first ...
Bringing your Love & more Love into the world ...

8 minutes of Awesome interview - Kimaya

By Kim Donaldson
on August 20, 2014

I'd like to share with you a recent interview with "8 Minutes of Awesome."

"While Kim Donaldson writes books for children, she also guides children and parents to connect, reminding us to remember and embrace all of the limitless that comes from within, regardless of our age. Kim shares about her current project, things that inspire her, and shares beautiful wisdom with her message: "...the real magic is the child within us all..."



Prioritise Life – put Love First, Say’s Kimaya

By Kim Donaldson
on June 17, 2013


Make Everyday Valentine's Day!

By Kim Donaldson
on February 15, 2013

The need to understand love

By Kim Donaldson
on February 05, 2013


Just a quick glimpse of the general state of affairs all over the world, health, living conditions, food diet & our environments.
ANSWER  “replace the love of power with the power of Love”  (from the words of William Gladstone 1809 –1889).

What is love?… was once the most goggled question. Need I say more on the need for love. Years ago I discerned that every thing comes back to love or the lack of.

As a child I felt a connectedness with all life & people. As I grew I spent time disconnected from this awareness, which further more confirmed the very importance of having awareness & better still an understanding of it,s presence. My conclusion is that all life connects – interacts – flows through a constant yet unseen stream of vital Love. And that being aware of this love will nurture, feed , enhance & expand us in ways that are all but indescribable in words alone.

However through my words i can assist you to experience, understand & even to recall the many flavours of love. Answering a call coming from within us all.


Sharing the love with loved Ones

By Kim Donaldson
on December 03, 2012

New Zealand author Kimaya and team will be spreading the Love this Christmas - New Years

 “I am on a mission," says Kimaya "to bring greater Love & understanding to the world through my publications."

They are proving to be powerful catalysts for greater self love,well being, self esteem also unlocking gifts talents & abilities,

which then filter through to our communities.

 Way to go Kimaya! 

 Order your soft cover @ www.balboapress.com, click store & enter kimaya or title. Or @ your local book store.                                                                                               All The Flavours Of Love  ISBN 978-1-4525-0649-4                                                                                                                                                       Making Love Your Priority ISBN 978-1-4525-0641-8                                  

Shower yourself & your loved ones with LOVE

By Kim Donaldson
on March 16, 2012
Open yourself to Loves full tide, from your magnificence do not hide.
Open allow, that which you resist will only persist.
Know that you are as free as you will allow yourself to be.
You are your own restrictions.
Choose love over fear & self mastery is near.
Love begets Love
As above so below ,this we now sow.
Time now to be the love that we wish to see & experience in our world.
Love to All for All. . .

With Love Kimaya
© kimaya 2012

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