All the Flavours of Love - E book & Hard Cover


Learning to notice the love in and around you in all it’s many shapes and forms, moves you into the vibration of love.

This is a very magical book,it will fill you up to over flowing with love. With Love Kimaya

Best suited for 2 to 11 yrs  

This is what our readers have to say:

Kim's book on love is such a joy to the senses. It's like curling up with a warm blanket on a windy evening watching flames dance across the crackling wood in the fireplace. You can feel the warmth, see the glow and be transformed by all the love that surrounds you. "All the Flavours of Love" is truly the flavours of life itself because love is all there is. Thank you, Kim, for your gift of the heart. You are such a light in the world. ~ Arielle Faith Michael, Hawaii