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Cultivating Love Consultations

Harp To Heart & Harp & Soul Tune Up!

Personal & Profound Unique to each individual. Kimaya blends the soulful Reverie Harp music with sound toning, Light Languages( High Frequency Angelic, Pure Light
that transcends limitation, expands throughout time & space to your core level, micro to the macro), Harmonizing Reset & Unifying. Brining cohesiveness with all aspects of self.
This treatment suspends you in a safe, nurturing supportive Love, as your body, mind emotional body, spiritual body are bought into alignment, harmonised & Unified. Able to collaborate as a whole.
Activating your divine blue print, natural gifts & abilities, true purpose. Through easy daily practices (Kimaya calls this integrated living), Your Health Wealth, Well Being ~ Being Well is assured.
A Whole new way of Being in your Body!